Service vouchers

I am not yet familiar with service vouchers. How do they work?

Check out our page dedicated to service vouchers by clicking here. It will answer all your questions.

What kind of activities are offered that can be paid for with service vouchers?

Only the ironing service can be paid for with service vouchers. The other services are payable in euros

How can I switch from paper service vouchers to electronic service vouchers?

You ll find a page if you click here which will tell you in detail the procedure to follow to switch to electronic ones(the process doesn t take more than 2 minutes)


Laundry Service Business

How do I pay for ironing with Title Service?

If you use electronic service vouchers

  • After the service, you receive your invoice by email. After checking it, you must go to the Sodexo website to validate the service vouchers that relate to the command.
  • We strongly recommend that system which is easier and avoids misunderstandings. If you use them in print service vouchers, it is very simple to change system on the Sodexo's website. Click here for more info.

If you use paper service checks

  • You must give the service vouchers with the following order with the mention of the number of service vouchers  issued on the order form that will been signed by our driver as a proof of abduction. We do not accept service vouchers in advance.
  • For example, if your first order is 1.7 service vouchers, you do not give anything. At the second command, you give up two service vouchers for the first order. You can follow your balance on the invoice that is sent after each command.
  • If the time between two orders is more than 2 weeks, you still have to give us the service vouchers via your packaging even though it does not contain any order . Also by mentioning the number of service vouchers issued on the order form that has been signed by our driver as a proof of abduction.

How are the prices rounded for the service vouchers?

We count a certain number of minutes for each article that needs to be ironed. The total cost of your order practically never precisely equals one or several service vouchers (one service voucher represents 60 minutes of ironing). Since there is no change given for service vouchers we have to use a carry-over system so that you don t lose any unused minutes.

To calculate the number of service vouchers owed we round up the amount on your account after billing the service and we deduct the difference on your next order. For example:

  • If your first order is 1.5 service vouchers we ask for two vouchers in payment and the balance of your account is +0.5 service vouchers after the payment.
  • If your second order is 2.7 service vouchers we ask for three vouchers in payment and the balance of your account will be +0.8 vouchers after payment
  • If your third order is 1.6 service-titles we ask for one voucher for payment. The balance on your account after the payment is +0.2 vouchers.

How are payments made for the other services payable in euros?

For the other services payable in euros the system is comparable to a prepaid phone card. You need to top up your account sufficiently before you make your booking. You can pay by bank transfer(you ll find the information related to payment in the section My account after login) or online with a bank card

How long does it take and which days do you deliver?

Delivery takes two or three days with one fixed day for pick-up and drop-off at your company (For example pick-up on Monday morning and drop-off Wednesday morning). For big companies a third day for pick-up or drop-off can be programmed (for example: Monday Tuesday Friday) . You ll find all the related information about drop-off and pick-up in the section my account after login.

Can I use my own packaging to use the services of EasyDay Business?

For logistical reasons we can only transport the packaging specially developed by EasyDay. It s discreet practical and airtight. It also guarantees that your laundry will not get crumpled during the transport.How should I indicate what services I require and sort my laundry?

Everytime you hand in your bag with the laundry inside or your suitcover you will receive a new delivery form. On this form you ll need to mention the service you want and other particular remarks you want to make.

The laundry needs to be arranged according to the desired treatment (for example one group for dry cleaning and the other for plain washing) but you don t need to sort it by colour or separate colours from whites. The different bags you ll get when you register will make the sorting out easier.

How to return EasyDay packaging?

Just write "Return packaging" on your order form indicating which packaging EasyDay must pick up. On the new version of the order form you will find an special square for this. As soon as EasyDay has received your packaging it will send you a credit note which will cancel the deposit. You can always ask for a reimbursement via email indicating the amount of the credit and your bank account number. Please note: wheeled bags are never taken back or exchanged.

I don t have any more order vouchers.

Contact EasyDay by clicking here and they will send you a print version of your voucher by email.



What are the available services in my company?

The available services in your company can be seen once you have entered your login and clicked on services in the main menu at the top of the page.

Your service interests me but my company is not yet a partner. What should I do?

You can sign up here. You ll need to provide your contact details and also your company name. EasyDay will do the necessary to meet someone from your company to offer our services. You can also of course contact us by phone:02/325.81.71.