Find Out All about Service Vouchers

Principe and Price

Service vouchers are in themselves a payment method. They allow you to pay for small services related to household chores on advantageous financial terms. Currently the activities that can be paid for with service vouchers are:

  • cleaning of your home including the windows
  • laundry and ironing in your home or ironing at the centre
  • small sewing jobs
  • preparation of meals
  • household shopping
  • travel assistance

The service vouchers cost you 9 euro per hour worked. In addition they are tax-deductible so that the actual final cost is lower.

How do I use service vouchers?

Step 1: Register with Sodexo.

To be able to use the service voucher system, you must :

  • be a natural person;
  • be at least 18 years old;
  • have your main residence (as recorded in the Population Register) in Belgium.

Each of the three Belgian regions has its own service voucher system. You must use the service vouchers of the region where you are domiciled.

Step 2: Download the Sodexo mobile application

For your convenience, we advise you to download Sodexo's mobile application to manage your service vouchers and personal data wherever you are.

Step 3: Order your service vouchers

Service cheques are either paper-based, with the appearance of a cheque, or in electronic form. We accept both types of payment, but we strongly advise you to use electronic vouchers to facilitate payment.

To order make a transfer of the total value of the service vouchers you wish:

  • Order a minimum of 10 vouchers
  • Make the transfer to the Sodexo bank account, with your user number as structured communication (12 digits). This number is visible on the Sodexo website, in the Sodexo application or in emails sent by Sodexo.
    • For Flanders BE41 0017 7246 2610
    • For Wallonia BE28 0017 7246 3620
    • For Brussels BE15 0017 7247 4330

For example: you want to order 10 service vouchers worth €9, so you need to make a transfer of €90 (10 x €9).

Step 4: Receipt of your service vouchers

Your e-service vouchers will be made available to you in your Sodexo e-wallet as soon as Sodexo receives your payment. 

Sodexo will deposit the paper service vouchers at the post office within 5 working days of receiving your payment. Your paper service vouchers will then reach you according to the postal delivery times.

Step 5: Making a payment with your service vouchers

With electronic vouchers

After the service EasyDay encodes the service. You then receive a notification inviting you to confirm or contest the service (in case of no reaction, it will be automatically confirmed after a certain period of time depending on your region). 

Once you have confirmed the service, the exact quantity of electronic service vouchers is automatically withdrawn from your e-wallet in order to make the payment (provided that there is a sufficient balance in your wallet). If this is not the case, you will be asked to top up your wallet.

With paper vouchers

After the service you will receive an invoice indicating the number of vouchers to be handed over with your next order

Complete the front of the service voucher legibly, in black or blue ink, in the spaces provided, without passing the lines: 

  • Indicate the type of service provided, by ticking the corresponding box. 
  •  Sign the service voucher. 

Do not fill in the date of the service or the back of the service voucher as we need to indicate the exact ironing date, which you may not necessarily know.

In both cases, the balance of your Sodexo wallet is not visible in your EasyDay account.  In your EasyDay account, you only see the balance related to EasyDay service payments.

How are the prices rounded for the service vouchers?

To calculate the number of vouchers due, we therefore round up your invoice total and deduct the difference on your next order. For example: :

  • Your first order amounts to 1.5 service vouchers. We ask for 2 vouchers in payment. After payment you will see a balance of +0.5 vouchers in your EasyDay account.
  • Your second order amounts to 2.7 service vouchers, here is the calculation: 2.7 - 0.5 = 2.2 ; We ask you for 3 vouchers in payment and you will have a balance of +0.8 vouchers left in your account.
  • Your third order is 1.6 service vouchers: 1.6 - 0.8 = 0.8; we ask for 1 voucher and you will be left with a balance of +0.2 vouchers.